Krek and Aswa

Grippli Druid, and Quetzalcoatlus Companion.


Krek was born into a clutch of 13, being the 5th to hatch from his clutch. His father Trup, was a clergy of Serenrae, and his mother Aswa, a merchant. They were a fairly middle-class family among the other Grippli living in the swamp. At the young age of 3, Krek’s father passed away of old age, leaving his mother to care for 3 year old clutch. She tried to keep their father’s beliefs with them, and gave several of them magic items from their father, though there were not enough to go around. Krek was lucky to receive one, which reinforced his faith in Serenrae, a silver holy symbol of Serenrae. At the age of 12, Krek decided to leave behind civilization, hoping to find his way in nature, though he would often visit his family when possible. He came upon the power of nature, giving him the abilities of a druid, and it took many long years before these blossomed into full capable powers. During his years training to become a druid, he had met a lone hunter, a female elf by the name of Eralis. Despite her lone wolf style, she took it upon her self to help Krek learn to thrive on his own. The two of them eventually shared an unconventional romantic relationship, leading Krek to become attached to her. Though she later disappeared without a trace, he kept his attachment to her, always feeling a great amount of doubt now that she was gone from his life.

When his mother died when Krek was 19 he returned home to visit his family, after leaving however, he ran into a lone Quetzalcoatlus, a dangerous predator found in swamps, warm plains, and coast lines. Originally this young Quetzalcoatlus had tried to eat Krek, though Krek was able to tame the lone, lost creature. Krek named the creature Aswa, after his late mother, primarily teaching it commands in grippli tongue.

Krek and Aswa

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