Zamda Zala Bam

Daemon Tiefling Rogue Illusionist/Archmage Chaotic Neutral Outsider)


Orphan raised in Kenabras. Both parents were Rifwardens.

-Dark vision x 60 ’
-Energy Resistance: Cold (5); Electricity (5); Fire (5)

SPELLS: Memorized
-Blinding Ray x 8 a day
-Silent image x 1 a day
-Snowball x 3 a day
-Blur x 1 a day
-Acid Splash (at will)
-Scorching Ray x 2 a day normal
*mythic scorching ray: increased 6d6 fire damage (5 Mythic Points) Goes through fire damage or immunity

In spell Book, not memorized

Wizard 01
-Mage Armor
-Magic Missile
-Protection from evil
-Shied x 1
-shocking grasp
-True strike
-Extended Illusions

Wizard 02


Zamda Zala Bam

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