RHoG Wrath of the Righteous

The Festival begins!

And so it starts!

The day began grand! The weather was perfect! The entertainers were magnificent! Today was a celebration! So how am I now sitting in this hole covered in junk?

It was the Storm King! I saw him with my own eyes. He came crashing down into the square! But how? Was the Wardstone destroyed? I saw the Silver Dragon, Terendelev, attack him, a rapture in the earth as the silver dragon died, then falling…. After that black… How long were were unconscious? Minutes? Hours? Days?

I am not alone. There are strong people with me but there is more. It appears someone else was living down here not much more then a week or two past. Why would someone live down here? First maggots then cockroaches… Demons, we are coming for you! We will protect Kenabres!



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