Marcus Lightbringer

Human Paladin of Iomedae


Marcus stands at 6 feet tall and approximately 160lbs. Being 20 he appears at the peak of his being but his eyes appear strained and tired. He has kept his jet black hair closely cropped for as long as he can remember.


According to documents he was raised at one of the temples to the south and requested transfer to the world wound. Rumors abound the Temple of Iomedae where this young paladin reported for training only years before. During the day he shows a passion for his “art” and a disdain for all of demon kind. But the acolytes tell stories of him waking with screams in the night. A rumor goes around that as a youth cultists killed his parents and used him as part of a demonic ritual. Clearly something went wrong that day but whatever the outcome one thing is clear: Demons should beware where Marcus brings Iomedae’s light

Marcus Lightbringer

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