RHoG Wrath of the Righteous

The Shrine of Torag
Day 2

After our short break at the camp we continued our search for a route to the surface. Various vermin continue to block our way and are cast aside. Finally we came across a Temple to the Dwarf God Torag. The building was solid stone, a prime place for anyone to seek refuge. The door was clearly barred or sealed in some fashion. After a few good shoulder throws we managed to open it. It was very apparent that no one had been in this temple in some time. Yet someone was slumped over the alter. I knew at once things did not appear right. The blasphemy! I could practically taste the taint of the desecration of this holy place. Then it happened the body moved. We flew into action! Undead! A huecuva!? No! How could such a noble follower of Torag fall from grace! We returned him to peace of death. May Torag pass judgement on his soul.

Torag is Iomedae’s noble ally and in this war we need all the allies we can get. I am still dumbfounded at the lack of training this cleric of Sarenrae has in religions beyond his own! Fortunately, Horgus appeared to be a well learned individual on the topic. We worked tirelessly throughout the group’s rest but were able to re-sanctify the temple. Torag’s hammer now shimmers with light in the dark once again.

Monstrous vermin surround us and demons and undoubted death wait for us on the surface yet these people bicker and argue like teenagers. My patience with them grows thin fortunately a barbarian, yes the irony has not escaped me, has managed to keep them in line and peaceful. The Abyss overflows into the World Wound and now Hell must be freezing over…

The rest is over its time to keep moving!

The Festival begins!
And so it starts!

The day began grand! The weather was perfect! The entertainers were magnificent! Today was a celebration! So how am I now sitting in this hole covered in junk?

It was the Storm King! I saw him with my own eyes. He came crashing down into the square! But how? Was the Wardstone destroyed? I saw the Silver Dragon, Terendelev, attack him, a rapture in the earth as the silver dragon died, then falling…. After that black… How long were were unconscious? Minutes? Hours? Days?

I am not alone. There are strong people with me but there is more. It appears someone else was living down here not much more then a week or two past. Why would someone live down here? First maggots then cockroaches… Demons, we are coming for you! We will protect Kenabres!

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